As you can imagine, the flags that are actually used in PGA Tournaments

 are very difficult to find. Rarely are any ever offered for sale. For every

tournament, as many as 54 flags are made. If a hole number is located

 on the flag, then 54 are usually ordered. This allows one to be used and

2  backups for each hole. If each flag does not have a hole number, then

 many less are needed. The extras are used if one of the flags is stolen or

 is somehow damaged.

The winner of the tournament, or their caddie always keeps the flag from

 the 18th hole. Nowadays, the PGA Tour collects the remaining 17 flags

 that were used on Sunday. What happens to the extra flags is different

For every tournament. The winner occasionally signs many of the extra


 Many of these flags are then given to top executives of the tournament's

 sponsors and tournament officials. Some flags make their way into the

hands of Tour Executives and employees. The course that is hosting the

 tournament sometimes gets a few of the extra flags.

Tournament flags are extremely difficult to obtain with only a very small

 number ever being produced. I have been extremely fortunate to get

so  many for my collection.

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