The Rules of Golf states that each player should be able to identify their

 own ball.

12-2. Identifying Ball

The responsibility for playing the proper ball rests with the player. Each

 player should put an identification mark on his ball.

This is normally done by the Player adding their own individual markings

 using a permanent pen

Golf ball marked by Vijay Singh with the initials VJ

Note also the 2 red dots which also helps to identify the ball

Darren Clarke used a green shamrock as his personal identification.

In 1999 Titleist ran an advertisement showing how players  personally

marked their individual balls

More recently Titleist ran a Television commercial showing how players

 marked their balls entitled "How do you mark your Titleist?"

Duffy Walfdorf has his wife and children draw and write messages on his

 golf balls which he then uses in tournament play

The following two videos show the importance of marking your ball, and

 then being able to actually identify it

K J Choi

Darren Clarke

Some players have their own personal identification marks printed

 directly onto the balls. The links at the top of the page take you to the

 ones I have in my collection. I am always looking to add to them if you

 have any that are not featured.

During the 2011 Walker Cup the GB & I Team had their own personal

 logo balls

Similarly during the 2012 Curtis Cup the GB & I and the US Teams both

 had their own personal logo balls

Tiger Woods actually has his own personal Practice Balls which he uses

The following balls are all Practice Balls used at Major Tournaments

A Masters practice ball

A US Open practice ball

A US PGA Championship practice ball


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